Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Twins have MUCH to be Thankful for!!!

Nothing is more precious than life and the time one has to share with family.And in this holiday season, it is important that we give thanks for those we love and the time we have together.

The news about Titans Offensive Coordinator, Coach Mike Heimerdinger, brings a week of nonsense with Vince Young into perspective.

October 15, 2010, we lost our father George Ellis Henley to a 17 year battle with prostate cancer. He fought this disease so hard and for so long, we almost took for granted that cancer could eventually take his life.
But it did.

Although we mourn his loss, we MOSTLY celebrate his life. And that life is something we are SO thankful for!

George Henley was born in 1932 during the Great Depression , in Birmingham, Alabama, in theJim Crow South. He went to the Air Force. And attended Lawson State Community College and Alabama A&M University, where he received a degeree in Building Contracting. He was extremely proud of his profession.

He owned his own company (G.E. Henley Construction Company) , and provide for us, and our mom until his illness no longer allowed him to do so.

We were always thankful that we had a good and strong father who worked his entire life to provide for our family, for as long as he could.

We are thankful for him, and his humor, and his ability to laugh thru adversity!

We are thankful for his love for Atlanta Braves baseball, and his love for sports, and that introduced it his twins as babies. Our mom likes to talk about her being pregnant with us, when daddy took her to watch Hank Aaron and his Homerun assault.
We are thankful he taught us to always look out for each other.

We are thankful that he taught us the strength and pride we should always have being born African-American, women and being educated, for there was a time that this would have been nearly impossible.

We are thankful that he believe that family is paramount in anyone’s journey through life.

And after 78 years on earth, we are also thankful that he no longer suffers, and is at peace in the Kingdom of God.

We are thankful for the life of George Ellis Henley. We are very thankful and grateful for us having him in our lives for as long as we did.

Be thankful for your life and all those in it! They all have a part in your journey and in your existence!
We are very thankful for you!
God Bless You and Happy Thanksgiving!


Yvette & Yvonne

The Twins Week 12 Picks!!!

Yvonne’s Game of the Week: Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans
The Tennessee Titans visit division foe Houston Texans, after a full week of turmoil, beginning with Sunday’s loss against the lowly Washington Redskins, followed by the Vince season ending thumb injury, then a controversy after the game between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young, and then a lot of other madness, and finally culminating with the sad announcement today that offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger would be leaving the team to undergo chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis.

With the Titans at 5-5 and the Texans at 4-6, both teams need a win badly if they have any playoff hopes. A defeat may put either team out of the playoffs in the contentious AFC.

Texans have been looking rough of late, but so have the Titans, even before this recent drama.
Sounds like too much to overcome for my Titans. But here’s for holding out hope.
Tennessee Titans, 13 – 12.

Yvette: *Ahem* Just wanted to mention I was 13-3 last week…
Yvette’s Game of the Week: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Baltimore Ravens
I’m kinda excited about this game! Both the Bucs and Ravens are 7-3
Tampa Bay is tied for 1st in the NFC South and Baltimore is tied for 1st in the AFC North.
So this show down should be interesting. And based on the NFL moving the game to a later time due to flex scheduling shows just how interesting this game has become!
The resurgence of the Buccaneers lead by young head coach Raheem Morris' is one of the big stories of the NFL this season. How are they doing it? They are rather young and inexperienced. They aren’t a potent offense and a defensive powerhouse like the Ravens. They are winning by taking care of the ball. Not making a lot of mistakes and turnovers.

The Ravens are an older and experienced team. Their strong defense and I believe a better offense and the fact that they rarely lose at home is the reason I say the Ravens will win. Baltimore Ravens 21-14

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions
Yvonne: New England Patriots
Yvette: New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: New Orleans Saints

Cincinnati Bengals @ NY Jets
Yvonne: NY Jets
Yvette: NY Jets

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons
Yvonne: Atlanta Falcons
Yvette: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills
Yvonne: Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvette: Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina Panthers @ Cleveland Browns
Yvonne: Cleveland Browns
Yvette: Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars @ NY Giants
Yvonne: NY Giants
Yvette: NY Giants

Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins
Yvonne: Washington Redskins
Yvette: Washington Redskins

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans 
Kansas City Chiefs @ Seattle Seahawks
Yvonne: Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders
Yvonne: Miami Dolphins
Yvette: Miami Dolphins

St. Louis Rams @ Denver Broncos
Yvonne: Denver Broncos
Yvette: Denver Broncos

Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Chicago Bears

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Baltimore Ravens
Yvonne: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts
Yvonne: Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals
Yvonne: Arizona Cardinals
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Twins say, “We take it back!”

Yvette: Remember when we said Mark Sanchez was cute as can be but can’t throw a pass to save his life? Yeah, we take it back (Yvette & Yvonne’s Ode to Mark Sanchez )
Yvonne: He’s turning out to be a star QB with a great arm and all the intangibles (mental toughness, fearlessness, leadership abilities).
Yvette: He’s still as cute as can be, though

Yvette: Remember when I said the Cowboys were overrated?
(DALLAS COWBOYS = OVERRATED! Yvette explains it ALL )
Yvonne: I remember!
Yvonne: That’s right! Hold your ground!
Yvette: I pick them week after week. Then FINALLY you make a move! Too little too late…
Yvonne: I never picked them.
Yvette: OVERRATED. And not going to playoffs...Cowboys...Really?

Yvonne: Yeah remember when we did that interview with Braylon Edwards’ neckbeard?(The Twins EXLCUSIVE Interview with Braylon Edwards’ Neckbeard )
Yvette: Yea. Braylon was too cute for that thing and it was bad influence.
Yvonne: We told him to get rid of the neckbeard…
Yvette: Oh yeah.
Yvonne: I miss the neckbeard.
Yvette: Yeah, We take it back! His album is good, too! *I think I’m Big Meech…Larry Hoover *
Yvonne: Wrong neckbeard, Yvette. LOL!

Yvette: Remember when I said I was through with Matt Forte…(YVETTE'S HEARTBREAK: Matt Forte disses his fiancee' )
Yvonne: Aww naw, don’t say it!
Yvette: I take it back! 1. I love the Bears and 2. He’s so fine!
Yvonne: Pardon me while I puke.
Yvette: I love you, Matt!

Yvonne: Remember when I said Mike Vick wasn’t Hot? (Yvette and Yvonne Decide: He's HOT or No He's NOT! Edition1 )

Yvette: Uh Yes….Crazy… Mike Vick = Sexual Chocolate LOL!
Yvonne: I take it back. This new-and-improved, humble Mike Vick loads more attractive to me now.
Yvette: I don’t supposed this has anything to do with his 7-3 record and his league-leading 108.7 QB rating, does it?
Yvonne: It has everything to do with it. M-V-P! M-V-P!
Yvette: Dat Boy Good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Twins Deduce, "Vince Young = Steve McNair Lite"

Yvette: Titans fans like to romanticize the tenure of Steve McNair in Nashville. A beloved figure, a legend, always treasured and supported for his hard work, professionalism and toughness….

Yvonne: Well we remember it a little differently. Steve was BOOed just as much as Vince Young.

Yvette: I recall demands by fans for him to be replaced by Neil O’Donnell, because his passing ability gave the Titans a better chance. Yvonne and I sat in the stands as people heckled him and accused him of being the dreaded “athlete” and not a good quarterback…And that was the year the Titans went to the Super Bowl!

Yvonne: If we want to keep it real, Titans fans and media alike were constantly calling into question McNair’s intelligence, and his grasp of the game.

Yvette: The sentiments during his playing days are similar what Vince Young hears now. Same script, different cast.
Except there is one glaring exception; the quarterbacks’ REACTIONS to this criticism are far different.

Yvonne: So true. Steve was loved in the end, because no one can deny he gave it his all, every game, sacrificing his own well-being to make sure the team wins.

Yvette: Steve McNair put it all out on the field. If he was able to walk and able to breathe, then there was no doubt, he was going to play. Steve McNair was as tough as they were ever made.

Yvonne: Vince Young… let’s just say….He’s no Steve McNair.He’s Steve McNair without the leadership, maturity, mental and physical toughness…

Yvette: Steve McNair Lite. All the of ability, ½ the toughness

Yvonne: I wondered if Vince worked on a farm to help his family and attended a small historically black college instead of University of Texas, would his mindset be completely different.

Yvette: VY had a great example to follow in his hero, Steve McNair. Too bad he simply doesn’t have the same tenacity and fortitude that made Steve the respected player he was.

Yvonne: Vince Young sure makes you love and appreciate the days of No. 9…..

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Twins say, "Vince Young is INDEFENSIBLE!"

Yvette: I have been a big defender of Vince Young in the last five years, and totally believed that he would come around and turn out to be a Mike Vick like talent once he matured and found out that he’s one of many talented people in the NFL.
But VY’s latest actions are indefensible.
(Tennessean article "Tennessee Titans lose game, possibly quarterback")

Yvonne: And it really is sad. Vince Young is a unique talent, with skills and instincts that most quarterbacks in the NFL simply do not have. This year he was doing rather well, which leads me to believe that it was his attitude, not his play, that lead to all of this.

Yvette: I am CERTAIN there are more parts to the Vince Young saga than people realize. I have so many questions about how Jeff Fisher has handled him over the years and his part in the implosion of their relationship. But there is a pattern of immaturity and lack of leadership qualities that makes it hard to stay on Vince’s side.

I do believe that Fisher has not been the biggest advocate of VY, to say the least.

Yvonne: I think that is crystal clear. Again, it cannot be his play, but more likely due to his attitude. We are not privy to the Titans locker room and those conversations in it, but just seeing what I see from VY, he does come off as arrogant and aloof and it makes it difficult to root for him. If that is how he is at all times, then I can see why Fisher has difficulty advocating for him.

Still, it’s difficult to believe that VY is the only talented-but-difficult QB to ever put on the pads. This situation was handled poorly by Jeff Fisher, who I suspect let too much of his ego get involved (a la the Childress situation in Minnesota).

The fact of the matter is, when given the chance, VY wins games, and that is what you want your QB to do. Period. If he didn’t do that, all of Fisher’s actions up to this point would make sense.

Yvette: Last year, should have been the first indicator that he had NO CONFIDENCE in Vince Young. The Titans went 0-6 before Fisher elected to start Vince again.

Yvonne: That was baffling, and it probably cost the Titans a payoff run; again, an ego trip on Fisher’s part.

Yvette: Another indicator was this year, with the mid-game benching against the Steelers.

Yvonne: Which, again, made no sense. Even when Vince doesn’t play particularly well, he keeps the Titans in the game. Sorry, Kerry Collins can’t do that; again, ego.

Yvette: A recent incident was the game against the Miami Dolphins, where an injured Kerry Collins was given the start over a comparatively healthier VY. The evidence was mounting…Fisher doesn’t believe in VY.

Yvonne: Look, I know how it is. I hate giving egomaniacs any opportunity to further inflate their gianormous heads. But the fact of the matter is, VY is a winning QB, with the numbers to prove it. Was his attitude a problem, who knows? But in the games that he played he ALWAYS gave the Titans and opportunity to win in the in end. And for me, as a fan, that is all that matters.

Yvette: Sunday was the latest incident further indicating Jeff Fisher didn’t believe in Vince.

Yvonne and I sat 11 rows back on the 50 yard line after Vince got hurt. I saw WITH MY ON EYES he and Randy passing the ball back and forth. He the put his helmet on and stood next to the coaches as if he was waiting to get put back in. After a discussion with a coach, his helmet came off and a he put his cap back on out of frustration. So just my observation, it was crystal clear, Vince was ready to go back in. Vince was not allowed to come into the game again.

Now whether he told Fisher he wanted to play, I think it’s just the coach saving face.

He clearly wanted to play.

Yvonne: That was clear to me too. Fisher said, he was waiting for him to say he was ready. Really? And why? Ego.

Yvette: With all that said, Vince didn’t help matters with his behavior after the game.

Yvonne: Right. I can’t defend his antics. Whether or not it was out of frustration, VY is a 5 year vet of the NFL now. He should be beyond that.

Yvette: Instead of asking the question:” Did Fisher's vendetta against Vince Young lose the game for the Titans?”, we a talking about the arrested development of Vince Young.

Yvonne: It is the coaches’ job to manage all of his players and their personality flaws and issues. And I will debate all day that Jeff Fisher mishandled Vince Young. Even, if Vince was to blame most times.

Yvette: But the latest incident of immaturity and lack of leadership, I can not defend.
Vince Young put the period at the end of his career with the Titans. He will not be back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Twins Week 11 Picks!

Yvonne and Yvette’s Game of the week: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Yvonne: Two teams, both at 6-3, fighting for the top spot in the NFC East.
New York Giants lost their last game against Dallas Cowboys with 33-20 on last Sunday (pretty badly) and looking to rebound against Philadelphia Eagles.

Yvette: Many thought the Giants are the team to beat in the NFC. After the sound whipping they got from the Cowboys, I’m no longer certain.

Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles is on a roll, after defeating the Washington Redskins 59-28 in a soaring, record-setting game.

Yvette: And to face a very hot, high flying Eagles team lead by Mike Vick is not ideal for the Giants, but this will be a very good test of how good they really are.

Yvonne: Giants have been playing great, ranking 1st in the league in yards allowed, 4th in defense, and 3rd on Offense. However, they have yet to face a quarterback of the likes of Michael Vick. QB Michael Vick, has been the keystone for the Eagles' success, and is looking to maintain the same form against New York Giants.

Yvette: The Eagles can play tough defense and will give Eli Manning all he can handle. But I think there are some yards to be had, particularly in the running game with Big Brandon Jacobs. As long as he takes care of the ball, they will be OK.

Yvonne: Vick & Co. will be too much for the Giants. Philadelphia Eagles 31-21

Yvette: I agree. The Eagles are getting hot at the right time. And Mike Vick is a force, but it will be close. Philadelphia 28 – 21.


Chicago Bears @ Miami Dolphins
Yvonne: Miami Dolphins
Yvette: Chicago Bears

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals
Yvonne: Cincinnati Bengals
Yvette: Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys
Yvonne: Dallas Cowboys
Yvette: Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins @ Tennessee Titans
Yvonne: Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans

Arizona Cardinals @ Kansas City Chiefs
Yvonne: Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings
Yvonne: Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans @ New York Jets
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette: New York Jets

Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvonne: Oakland Raiders
Yvette: Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens @ Carolina Panthers
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Yvonne: Jacksonville Jaguars
Yvette: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers
Yvonne: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons @ St. Louis Rams
Yvonne: Atlanta Falcons
Yvette: Atlanta Falcons

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots
Yvonne: New England Patriots
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers
Yvonne: Denver Broncos
Yvette: San Diego Chargers

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Twins say the Randy Moss pick up PERFECT for the Titans!

Yvette: The Randy Moss pick up for the Titans was the biggest acquisition ever made by the Tennessee Titans.

Yvonne: And quite uncharacteristic for the Titans. Year after Year, Titans have been waiting for a big play receiver. Well, they have one in Moss.

Yvette: The Titans are not really known for making big name pick ups even when the need for their services is clearly there. That WR need has been there for a while. It has irked me to no end! Really solid, above-average wide receivers have been available (Anquan Boldin, hello?), and Titans kept hanging on to their par-at-best players.
Yvonne: So what happened? Why did the Titans decide to pick up the Problem Child of the NFL?!?

1. The Titans are unexpectedly leading the AFC South. Very few thought the Titans would be better than 8-8. And certainly that as long as Peyton Manning was playing, Indianapolis would be the team on top. Many prognosticators thought this was the 'Year of the Texans'. At 5-3, Moss could be a piece of the puzzle that gets the Titans to the playoffs.

Yvette: 2. The Titans have nothing to lose. The Titans were the only team to try to attain Moss’ services, meaning, there isn’t a demand for him. So he may be out to prove something. Is he worth the next big contract?. Show and Prove. But if he doesn’t, let him go. And if he signs elsewhere after the season, the Titans get a draft pick! Sounds like a win-win to me. So what if he’s an AZZ HOLE or “Toxic”. Just let him go.

Yvonne: 3. Kenny Britt is injured. Although Britt hasn’t been that reliable in the past, this season he has come into his own. The Titans were beginning to depend on his big play ability. With his injury, they may not lose anything with Moss in the mix.

Yvette: 4. Chris Johnson’s production. Teams have figured how to successfully stop CJ. The pass has been something that was the weakest part of the Titans offense. This season, Vince Young and his young receivers have clicked!  They have had some really good games. Now that defenses will have to account for Moss this may allow the offense to open up. Pick your poison, CJ or Moss?

Yvonne: 5. It’s Randy Moss! WHEN does a team at Bye week, with an injured star, on the cusp of doing something big, gets the chance to get a Future Hall of Famer? An old Randy Moss is still better than a Justin Gage, Nate Washing and Kenny Britt any day of the week. It was a too good to pass up, even if it doesn’t work out.

Yvette: I know there are some who really think this won’t work out for the Titans. What makes them different from Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots? I don’t know. But something tells me Randy Moss will enjoy being in Nashville and playing for the Titans.

Yvonne: Right. It’s a solid organization, that’s successful and didn’t get a lot of media attention before now. Jeff Fisher and his staff seems to related to players and seem able to get the best out of each talent on that team. Furthermore, I for one don’t think Moss is really all that bad. He’s always been upfront and honest about his feelings. And he makes it known. He’s never towed the company line, if he didn’t believe it whole-heartedly. I respect that.

Yvette: But at this point, I’m hoping that he will realize, there aren’t going to be too many opportunities like this for him. If he wants a big pay day, he has to show that he is THE Randy Moss.
So I say if cant play for the Tennessee Titans, Randy Moss needs to retire.

The Twins Week 10 Picks!

Yvonne’s Game of the Week – Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Nothing beats Monday night Football! And this match-up will be intriguing. This is a tale of two teams on two different trajectories; the Eagles going up, the Redskins going down. The rested Washington Redskins, despite McNabb’s call to “move on”, are still reeling from their loss to the Detroit Lions and Coach Shannahan’s questionable 4th Quarter QB change and baffling series of explanations thereafter.

The Eagles, on the other hand are ready to avenge their Week 4 loss; Mike Vick was knocked out of the game early, and his absence was immediately felt. Michael Vick looked incredible last week against the Indianapolis Colts, easily his best game of the season (if not, ever) thus far.

The Redskins will need the same kind of physical play from their defense as in week 4. They will also need to rely heavily on their run game, since their air game appears to be sputtering.

The Eagles will need to match the Redskins physicality. Their run defense in Week 4 was missing, but has since improved. And of course, Mike Vick will need to continue his fantastic play.

Overall, The Eagles just appear to be a team on the rise, the Redskins are not. Philadelphia Eagles, 24-10

Yvette’s Game of the Week - New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday Night Football. Two 6-2 teams. Both are arguably the best of the AFC…
Well, I happen to believe that the New England Patriots aren’t as good as people tout them to be. And Sunday evening, the Pittsburgh Steelers will prove it.
With an Un-Patriot-like loss to the Cleveland Browns last week, I fully expect them to rebound.
However, facing the toughness of the Pittsburgh defense is not what you want, when you are trying to get over a tough loss.

Although the Patriots have their newest weapon, Peyton Hillis performing out of his mind, The Steelers will take away the run, leaving Tom Brady to will the Patriots to Victory. But the sack-happy Steelers will make Brady’s job very difficult. Some teams have had some success passing against the Steelers; I don’t expect the Patriots to be one of them.

Pittsburgh on the other hand has the tough Big Ben Roethlisberger at the helm and I not certain they have an answer for him.

I just believe that the Steelers are the better team. Pittsburgh Steelers 28-14


Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills
Yvonne: Detroit Lions
Yvette: Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears
Yvonne: Chicago Bears
Yvette: Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns
Yvonne: New York Jets
Yvette: New York Jets

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins
Yvonne: Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans

Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts
Yvonne: Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette: Houston Texans

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvonne: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos
Yvonne: Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals
Yvonne: Arizona Cardinals
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants
Yvonne: New York Giants
Yvette: New York Giants

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers
Yvonne: San Francisco 49ers
Yvette: San Francisco 49ers

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvonne: Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvette: Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yvette & Yvonne: NFL Drama = Real Housewives of Atlanta!!!

Yvonne: There has been so much drama in the NFL this year. What's going on!?!?!

Yvette:  So half way through the season we have:
- The neverending Brett Favre saga....

- The Vincent Jackson Stand off
- Revis Island
- The Mike Vick QB Controversay
- The McNabb benching fiasco
- The Randy Moss release, sign and waived, sign again.
- The Demise of the Cowboys

Yvonne: Don't you love it! It's like watching the Real Housewifes of Atlanta!

Yvette: I would say, the Nene Leakes of the NFL is definitely Chad Ochocinco!
LOUD and unclassy but think highly of themselves and we love them for it! LOL!

Yvonne: And the NFL's Dwight is Terrell Owens! LOL!
Yvette: Or DaWrong, as Nene calls him, LOL

Yvonne: I'm just waiting on the fight with Chad. It's coming...I just know it! LOL!

Yvette: The Phaedra Parks and Ex-con husband, Apollo would be.......Mike Vick and Andy Reid LOL!!
Its wrong, I know! LOL!

Yvonne: The NY Jets =ShereƩ Whitfield. Hyped themselves up to believe they are great! LOL!

Everyone else may not have seen how good the Jets would be, but they are doing it, somehow, some way…
Yvette: Sounds like She by Sheree'…LOL!
Yvonne: Now that ended up being a disaster, doesn’t bode well for the Jets….
Yvette: "Who ever heard of a fashion show, with no fashion?" 0_0 LOL!!!

Yvonne: I would say, Brett Favre is the Kim Zolciak of the bunch! LOL!!
Yvette: YES!....looks older than he is, exposing too much of themselves, loves drama, makes drama.

Yvette: And Randy Moss is Cynthia Bailey. Attractive but won't stay committed! LOL!!

Yvonne: Aww, don’t say that, my Titans need him to stay committed….

Yvette: I say Revis is You know the friend that carries purses and wears lip gloss and in the middle of the drama. Trying HARD to be in the mix, but just isnt...
Yvonne: Lawrence…his name is Lawrence…
Yvette: Oh! LOL!

Yvonne: I would say Vincent Jackson is the Lisa Wu-Hartwell of the NFL....
Yvette: RIGHT! He ain’t on the show! LOL!

Yvonne: Donavan McNabb is Kandi Burruss. Talented and successful in the past. Trying to stay classy but really could get justifiably ghetto on Mike Shanahan! LOL!

Yvette: He should get red swoop bangs, LOL!
Yvonne: WRONG! LOL! Matches his jersey, though! LOL!

The Twins Week 9 Picks!

Yvonne's Game of the Week - Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia Eagles

Indianapolis Colts are visiting the Philadelphia Eagles, who should be well-rested after their Bye week. This game will be show of two star QBs with two different QB styles.
Indianapolis is trying to extend is 5-2 record and stay atop the AFC South. Meanwhile the 4-3 Eagles are in 2nd place in the NFC East.
This should be pretty interesting. The Colts have been on a winning streak of late, but they have also shown some kinks that could be exploited.
Will Vick be healthy and able to play his style of football?
Honestly, I am a Mike Vick fan, and I am rooting for him to do well. But Vick's mobile-quarterbacking abilities works well in the NFC, but not so much in the AFC, where defensive ends are fast, and Dwight Freeney is one of the fastest. Additionally, I am firm in my view that any AFC South team (including the Jaguars) is better than most NFC teams. No disrespect.

Given that, I'm of course going with the Colts, 24-14.

Yvette's Game of the Week -Dallas Cowboy at Green Bay Packers

How low can they go?!?!  This is my game of the week for the wrong reasons. I am curious to see what the Cowboys can do to salvage their season. Will they fight back and win against an injury riddled Green Bay, or with they lay down and wish for better days?  I say the latter.
NOTHING about the Cowboys screams 'FIGHT'. Look at their 1-6 record. It speaks volumes about their mental toughness. 

The Packers however, with all the injuries to key players could have an excuse for under perfoming. Instead, they are the polar opposites. They are staying afloat and getting healthy leading the NFC North with a 5-3 records.

With the injuries to Al Harris, Atari Bigby and now add cornerback Pat Lee, the Cowboys receivers could  attempt to taken advantage of the weak Green Bay secondary.  But unfortunately for them, the key Cowboy injury, Tony Romo,  greatly hurts a team already in disarry.
Could you have imagined the Cowboys being 1-7?!?!?

Green Bay now adds Donald Driver to the injury list.  He is out for the game on Sunday. With a running game hampered by injuries points are going to be hard to come.
But unlike the Cowboys,  Green Bay is the tough team and toughness will prevail.

I pick Green Bay, 31-24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
Yvonne: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: Atlanta Falcons

Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills
Yvonne : Chicago Bears
Yvette: Chicago Bears

New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns
Yvonne: New England Patriots
Yvette: New England Patriots

New York Jets at Detroit Lions
Yvonne: New York Jets
Yvette:  New York Jets

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: New Orleans Saints

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette:  Baltimore Ravens

San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette:  Houston Texans

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings
Yvonne:  Minnesota Vikings
Yvette:  Minnesota Vikings

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks
Yvonne:  New York Giants
Yvette: New York Giants

Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia Eagles
Yvonne:  Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
Yvonne: Oakland Raiders
Yvette:  Oakland Raiders

Dallas Cowboy at Green Bay Packers
Yvonne: Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals
Yvonne: Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvette: Pittsburgh Steelers