Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Twins Week 3 Recap

Week 3 picks Results
Yvonne 8-8
Yvette 9-7

Yvette: FINALLY! I win a week!
Yvonne: Just barely….
Yvette: You’re right.. A lot of teams just barely won or lost, but some teams got massive beat downs!
Yvonne: So lets talk about a few games of note, shall we…

Tennessee Titans vs. New YorkGiants
Yvette: This was Vince Young’s redemption game and he played a solidly in response to last weeks benching. The defense played a spectacular game. Chris Johnson remained true to form with his 125 rushing yards.  The Giants looked to be in total disarry. Eli Manning couldn’t get anything done. The Giants made mistake after mistake and the Titans took full advantage of it
Yvonne:  I can't tell just yet if the Titans are just that good, or if the Giants are just that bad.  Titans pieces appear to be coming together.  The Giants, on the other hand look like they may be in store for a very long season.  We shall see.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans
Yvette: Who woke up the Cowboys! The Cowboys played well against their inner state rivals. The Texans looked like the team to beat in the AFC South in Week 1 & 2.
Yvonne:  I was disappointed, I reallty did want to see a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish between the Texas teams.   However, Dallas' pride was definitely on the line with this game, and it showed with their solid play. 

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: The Steelers continued their defensive domination with the complete destruction of the Bucs. With Charlie Batch at the helm, they are 3-0..what do they do with Big Ben Rothlesburger comes back?
Yvonne:  They'll be even more dominant.   But let's be honest, the Bucs are Terrible with a capital T, and the Steelers made them look worse.  They were simply no match for Pittsburg.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
Yvette: WOW! What a game! As I expected, this was a game about defense and the play of the young QBs , Jay Cutler and Aaron Rogers. I knew this would be a hard fought game. What I didn’t expect is for the Bears to come out on top. Bears wore their throwback uniforms and brought back the old school Monsters of the Midway Defense with them!
With the return of punt returner extraordinaire Devin Hester and Block punts by Julius Peppers, the Bears dominated on Special Teams play.
Green Bay seemed to really miss the consistent run game of Ryan Grant. And their youth at Defense really hindered them. While, I still think Green Bay will end up the top o NFC North, keep your eyes on the Chicago Bears!
Yvonne:  What?  No mention of Matt Forte'?  He he had a pretty good game!  Wow, you're officially a Matt Forte' Hater!

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings
Yvette: There is nothing like the Detroit Lions to boost a teams confidence. It wasn’t looking pretty early for Brett Favre with two Interceptions. I thought they were headed to 0-3. But the Vikings bounced back and beat the lowly Lions, thanks to power rushing from Adrian Peterson. Maybe Favre won’t retire mid-season? I’m still taking bets….
Yvonne:  Poor Lions... It almost looked like they had a chance. But the brightside is every game, the look less and less terrible...

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints
Yvette: Who Dat? I don’t know… There looks to be a chink in the Saints armor. After the last minute win against the 49ers, I figured, the Falcons would prove to be a tough opponent. And they didnt disappoint wining overtime with a field goal!
  Are the Saints suffering from a Super Bowl Hangerover? Yes. But I also think the value of Reggie Bush is now appreciated. His absence as a weapon in that offense was felt.

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams
Yvette: YIKES! The Redskins played horribly against arguable the worst team in the NFC! Donovan McNabb played poorly. Nothing was happening with the running game. The Skins sputtered offensively.
Yvonne:  This was a game the Redskins should have won.  Hopefully the loss won't come back to haunt them come playoffs time. Up next for the Redskins...Donovan faces the Eagles.... in Philly...This won't be pretty...

NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins
Yvette: On behalf of Yvonne and I, I owe Mark Sanchez an apology. Two consecutive 3 Touchdown games! How impressive was that?! Braylon Edwards was benched as “punishment” for his DWI.. But Edwards game back an made som key catches. Without his neckbeard.
Yvonne: LOL!  Rest in Peace, Neckbeard!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Twins Love Football Week 3 Picks!!

Yvonne's Game of the Week - Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans
There's going to be a showdown in Texas! After years of playing second fiddle to the superstar Cowboys, the Texans find themselves at first place in the super-tough AFC South, and are ready to show the world that they are indeed the best football team in the state of Texas!  The Cowboys are ready to redeem themselves from their underachieving 0-2 start.

Look for the Texans defense to stifle the Cowboys offense, lots of 3 and outs, though I expect the Cowboys to play their best game thus far this Sunday.  This should be a good one! I choose the Texans.
 Texans (14-28)

Yvette's Game of the Week - Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. This is the classic rivalry in the spotlight folks! They are both 2-0 and someone has to lose in this Division. I think the Bears have a lot of momentum, and they are at home so this will be a hard fought game as usual. The teams are surprisingly evenly matched. Jay Cutler seems to be on a roll  with the utility back, Matt Forte back to form.  And of course, the Bear defense with the addition of Julius Peppers was impressive in their win against Dallas.  Green Bay's Aaron Rogers hasn't been as great as Culter, but solid. He has quality veteran receivers that makes him extremely dangerous.

But when all is said and done, I believe the Packers will come out on top. 'Why' you ask?  Packers  tenacious Defense, lead  by Clay Matthews.  So with everything being even, I believe the better defense will win the game.
Green Bay Packers  (21 - 13)


CGTLF = Cute Guys to Look For
Tennessee Titans @ New York Giants
Yvonne: Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans
CGTLF: Chris Hope (TEN), Cortland Finnegan (TEN),  Osi Umenyiora (NYG)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvonne: Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvette: Pittsburgh Steelers
CGTLF: Troy Polamalu (PIT), Hines Ward (PIT), Antwan Randel-El (PIT), Kellen Winslow (TB)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers
Yvonne: Carolina Panthers
Yvette: Carolina Panthers
CGTLF: Chad Johnson (CIN), Steve Smith (CAR)

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens
CGTLF: T.J Houshmandzadeh(BAL), Ray Lewis (BAL)

Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette: Dallas Cowboys
CGTLF: Marion Barber (DAL), Miles Austin (DAL), Dominique Barber (HOU)

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Yvonne: San Francisco 49ers
Yvette: San Francisco 49ers
CGTLF: Thomas Jones (KC)

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings 
Yvonne: Minnesota Vikings
Yvette: Minnesota Vikings
CGTLF: Ray Edwards (MN) Adrian Peterson (MIN), Brett Favre(MIN) 

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots
Yvonne: New England Patriots
Yvette: New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: Atlanta Falcons
CGTLF: Darren Sharper (NO), Reggie Bush(NO), Pierre Thomas (NO)

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams
Yvonne: Washington Redskins
Yvette: Washington Redskins
CGTLF: Devin Thomas (WAS), Clinton Portis (WAS)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles
CGTLF: DeShawn Jackson (PHI),  Michael Vick (PHI)

Oakland Raiders @ Arizona Cardinals
Yvonne: Arizona Cardinals
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals
CGTLF: Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Kerry Rhodes (ARI)

San Diego Chargers @ Seattle Seahawks
Yvonne: San Diego Chargers
Yvette: San Diego Chargers
CGTLF: Shawne Merriman (SD), Julius Jones (SEA)

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos
Yvonne: Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts
CGTLF:  Bob Sanders(IND), Dwight Freeney(IND), Kelvin Hayden (IND), Akin Ayodele (DEN), Champ Bailey (DEN)

NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins
Yvonne: NY Jets
Yvette: Miami Dolphins
CGTLF: Mark Sanchez (NYJ), Kellen Clemmons (NYJ), Braylon Edwards (NYJ)

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
Yvonne: Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers
CGTLF:  Ryan Grant (GB), Nick Collins (GB), Aaron Rogers (GB), Matt Forte (CHI), Kevin Payne (CHI)

The Twins Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Picks Results
Yvonne: 10-6
Yvette: 7-9

Yvette Hasn’t been my week. First I break up with my secret boyfriend, Matt Forte, the Titans lose and now this… Once again Yvonne beat me with her picks!!
Yvonne: 10-6  Once are in some serious trouble this season, Yvette..

Yvette: Some NFL teams are also in some serious TROUBLE with a pop-o-matic bubble….

Dallas Cowboys
Yvette: The Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 with yet another slow start this season. Their lost to the Chicago Bears revealed a team in disarray. Can anyone explain the enigma that is the Cowboys? The have nothing but talent. Lacking leadership, perhaps? (see Cowboys = OVERRATED!)

Minnesota Vikings
Yvonne: The Minnesota Vikings are also 0-2. Their loss against the Miami Dolphins shows that the issues in Week 1 were  no fluke. They have real problems.  The only offense working is Adrian Peterson. Brett Farve is clearly missing Sidney Rice. He cant seem to get in sync with Percy Harvin and the other wideouts. Thank goodness they have a strong defense. They would look much worse.

Yvonne: And some teams had Quarterback issues....

Philadelphia Eagles
Yvonne: Michael Vick does it AGAIN. He made it too hard for Andy Reid to deny, he's the better man for the job. Vick will be starting until further notice.  This is not fair to Kolb, as he was named starter earlier this week. But Frankly, Vick should have been the starting QB from day one. (see 3 Reasons Vick Should Start)

Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Jeff Fisher’s benching of Vince Young in the Titans loss to the Steelers was TERRIBLE!  Even though he quickly announced that Vince is the Titans starter, this will cause nothing but more second guessing and more questioning of VY and his abilities to lead the team. This is unfortunate given he had made some real improvements and played a great game the week before. No matter how you cut it, it wasnt a good move. (see Fishers Benching of Vince Young..)

Pittsburgh Steelers
Yvonne: The Steelers are down to their 3rd string, with the Dennis Dixon injury.  The brought back Leftwich and Charlie Batch will be the starter on Week3.  But if any team will be OK with their 3rd string, its the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yvette: Teams are Status Quo. Good as usual..

Pittsburgh Steelers

Speaking of the Steelers again, they are the dominate defense they alway are. They gave a smash mouth beating to the Tennessee Titans. Vince Young got benched. Chris Johnson stopped running. Even with a 3rd string QB, they can dominate a game. They look like they will be hard to beat! Especially if they can get decent play out of Batch or Leftwich.

Indianapolis Colts
Yvonne: After Week 1, everyone was questioning whether the Colts domination of the AFC has ended... Well, Peyton had to remind everyone who he was with a complete beat down he put on his younger Brother, Eli. The Giants couldn’t get anything going with the Colts.  While they may not be dominating  like they had been in the past, they are still one of the best in the AFC.

Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers are a good team folks.. With several key injuries  to their  secondary and to running back Ryan Grant, they still show that they have the goods to be the class of the NFC. Aaron Rogers is showing that he is definitely a top teir QB and their defense is still dominating.

Yvonne: And some teams are definitely on the move!

Houston Texans
 Yvonne: The Houston Texans are for real, people. For the past few years they have never been get over the hump. Always right at the cusp of being really good. Well it looks like they have gotten it right this year. They have all the pieces in order, a tough defense with Mario Williams and very good wide out play for Matt Schaub. They are going to be the team to beat in the AFC.

Chicago Bears
Yvette: Is it true? The Chicago Bears beat the Cowboys?  Yes, they definitely did that!  Jay Cutler is a much improved QB than a year ago. Matt Forte is preforming well and the defense is still very solid. Although are some holes int he team, they are defintely on the come up in the NFC North!

Yvette & Yvonne's Ode to Reggie Bush

2 steps forwards...
3 steps back...
I’m Reggie Bush
In my Gold and Black

We broke all records
But the they got sanctioned
Because of me..

I won the Heisman
But I gave it back
I admit no wrong
And they have no facts

I got rid of the gold-digger
And her meddling mother
Then I got Amber Rose
 From one groupie to another...

I made a touchdown
And we won the game
But I broke my leg
Now I’m 6 weeks lame

2 steps forward...
3 steps back...
I’m Reggie Bush
In my Gold and Black

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Twins EXLCUSIVE Interview with Braylon Edwards’ Neckbeard

Yvette & Yvonne sit down with the Beard of Jets’ Wide Receiver, Braylon Edwards for an exclusive interview, after his Tuesday morning DWI arrest.

Yvonne: Thank you for joining “The Twins Love Football’ for this exclusive interview, Neckbeard

Neckbeard: Thank you for having me. You know B-Easy didn’t want me to do it. But I’m like, "Man, I’m my own person." Ya know? I do what I want.

Yvette: Well we are certainly glad you are here with us. Last night was pretty rough. Can you give us any details about what happened?

Neckbeard: Well, basically we were at this benefit.. Bray had too many drinks and I was like "man, slow down" And he was like, "Leave me alone". I was like, “I can’t… I’m on your face".  So yeah. He wasn’t listening.

Yvonne: You are definitely on his face. A number of his teammates were at the benefit. Why didn’t anyone try to stop him from driving?

Neckbeard: I don’t know. I was with Bray like the whole time. And nobody said nothing.

Yvette: Seems really irresponsible. Would you say you are a bad influence on him?

Neckbeard: How am I a bad influence? You can’t tell a grown man what to do is how I see it, you know. What can I do? I’m a beard.

Yvette: That’s true. Do you think the DWI arrest will affect his play on the field?

Neckbeard: Nahh…B is a professional. He will be fine.

Yvonne: So how do you feel about the criticism that he should get rid of you?

Neckbeard: Honestly, it hurts. He hears it all the time. Everybody be like
“Bray, cut that mess off your face” or “Braylon, get rid of the bush! You too cute for that”
or “Are you Rick Ross’ younger, more handsome brother?”.
I’m like, “HELLO, I’m right here! I got feelings too.”

Yvette: It must be really hard.

Neckbeard: It is. But, Braylon had my back from the beginning. He stuck with me. So I’m sticking with him......…until he decides to shave. Then we are DONE!

Yvonne: So what would you like the fans to know, Neckbeard?
Neckbeard: People don’t know the REAL Braylon Edwards, like I do. I’m with him everyday. So I see him as a person.. He’s a good dude. He just made a mistake. Let him live, ya know?

Yvonne: Thank you again!

Neckbeard: Oh don’t forget to get my mixtape dropping October 11th. It’s got DMX, Swissbeatz, Beanie Sigel, Freeway or Beanie Man’s beards and Justin Beiber.
Look out for it.
Y’all look alike. Y’all twins?

Yvette: 0_0 Yes. Thanks for joining, “The Twins Love Football”.

Neckbeard: No problem. Be easy.

3 reasons Vick Should be the Eagles' Starting QB! Yvonne Explains it ALL!

Andy Reid's decision to start Kevin Kolb instead of Vick may be a mistake that could come back and haunt him by the end of this NFL season.

Here are 3 solid reasons why Mike Vick should bet starting QB for the Eagles.

Reason #1: He's proven

Michael Vick has already proved himself during his 6 years in Atlanta. Among his accomplishments:
-the first QB to throw for more than 250 yards and rush for more than 100 yards in the same game,
-in 2004 he set a postseason rushing record for a QB with 119 yards
-in 2006 he became the first QB in NFL history to rush for more than 1,000 in a game
-3 Pro Bowl appearances

That's all in the past, you say? Well lets take a look at this season. In just 1.5 games, Vick has thrown for 258 yard and 3 touchdowns.
He is looking very much like the Vick of 2004-2006, and true NFL fans are ready for more!

In short, Kolb is unproven as an NFL QB, while mike Vick as has already shown himself to be a Star QB, which leads me to Reason #2..

Reason #2: He's a playmaker

Vick is a big playmaker, and he has the stats to prove it.
Not only is he a threat at running the ball, he also changes the way that opposing defenses plan against the rush and pass.
Look no further than the Week 1 game against the Eagles. The dynamics of that game completely changed after Kolb went down, and Vick stepped in.

Vick is essentially a defensive nightmare. Kolb is not. Period

Reason #3: Kolb simply isnt as good.
Granted he has only started 2 games in his NFL career. Still, his showing before he was knocked out of game 1 against the Packers was less than stellar. He is a work in progress, and a year behind Vick could be helpful, it certainly wouldn't hurt.

What do you think about that?!?!?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Twins Ask: "Was Fisher’s benching of Vince Young the right move?"

Take our poll below....

Yvette: I know many people have weighed in on the Vince Young benching. Yvonne and I have gone back and forth since Sunday's game trying to make sense of it.

Yvonne: Last Sunday against the Raiders, Vince Young performed beautifully. He received praises all around from Hemandinger and Jeff Fisher for his preparation. They praised his decision making. All was grand in Titan Land.
Fast forward to Sunday; Vince Young is riding the bench.

Yvette: I have great respect for Coach Fisher and given VY’s track record, my first thought was he either displayed a poor attitude during practice this week, didn’t give his all in preparing for the Steelers, or mouthed-off or quit on the sidelines at the game on Sunday.

Yvonne: Either way, Fisher benching Young was a bad decision.
It makes Fisher look as if he made a “No Confidence” vote against Vince Young. Given their history and all they had gone through, it seems he would be more cautious in handling VY. Now, the firestorm of questions will cause an unneeded distraction to Vince and maybe the team.

Yvette: Many Quarterbacks in the league had bad games, against less quality opponents than the Pittsburgh Steelers. While praising the promise and improvements with his fantastic Week 1 performance, then follow it up with a benching a week later is not only an overreaction, it is very unfair to Vince, after Week 2.

Yvonne: Very true. This could very well cause unneeded dissention in the team. With a team that is already projected to go no more than 8-8, its really not a good move to have anything that will cause Vince team mates to pick sides. If he performs badly (which even the best ones do from time to time), will they stand united with Vince, or will they grumble about needing a new QB? This would be an unfortunate backlash for a team that has the potential to over achieve.

Yvette: Having my boss looking over my shoulder in the office, doesn’t make me do my job well. It annoys me, makes me nervous and makes me feel like you don’t believe I know what I’m doing.
This could have the same affect on Vince and his psyche. It could hurt Vince’s confidence. He did well Week 1 against the Raiders. It would be a shame if he regressed because of this.

So what do you think?
Was Titans’ Coach, Jeff Fisher’s benching of Vince Young the right decision?
Was Titans Coach, Jeff Fishers benching of Vince Young the right decision?
NO free polls

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yvette & Yvonne’s Ode to Mark Sanchez

Oh, Woe is Me
Oh, Woe is Me
I’m Mark Sanchez
As cute as can be

I’m a golden boy
From USC
I can’t complete passes
For the life of me!
(Yvonne: You can replace  "Mark Sanchez" with "Matt Leinart" and it still works!
Yvette: LOL! WOW, USC.)

I’m 6 foot 2
With the body of a god
And it matters not!
Football is HARD!

I have model looks
And I’m on Hardknocks
But when I don’t do great
I just mope and pout!
(Yvonne: wait, that doesn’t really rhyme.  Yvette: Shh!)

I’m Mark Sanchez
As cute as can be
Oh, Woe is Me
Oh,,Woe is Me

Given his struggles in the Week 1 game against the Ravens, Mark Sanchez ...
will be fine, its only week 1
is good but not a starter just yet; he needs to hold a clipboard for a little while.
is not an NFL-caliber QB
is just plain SEXY! free polls

YVETTE'S HEARTBREAK: Matt Forte disses his fiancee'

I dont put to much stock in althetes and their images...
But this one really hurt my feelings.

Even though I love my Titans, I am big fan of the Chicago Bears....
And when Matt Forte came along to take over for Cedric Benson (serial dumbazz).... I was IN LOVE!!!

Handsome, Church-going,  Southern boy  from Louisana who loves his mama's gumbo. Aww :)
On twitter, his tweets were funny and spiritual, usually scripture and a reminder to praise HIM!

He went back to Tulane to finish his degree in Finance....
Isn't he dreamy?!?!
He was my secret-boyfriend.
Yvonne calls me the President of the Matt Forte Fan Club! 

Then he got engaged to this sweet, cute, non-groupie like, educated sista...

YES! Love me some Matt Forte!

And then this tweet from Black Sports Online ...
"@BlkSportsOnline Chicago Bears Matt Forte Tells Fiancée Danielle Daniels His Ex is Pregnant Over dinner "

So basically.....
 - Matt Forte has been engaged since May 2010 to Danielle Daniels,
 - Engagement party was held by her family in July.
 - He announces to his lovely fiancee on Tuesday, that his Ex-girlfriend 7 months pregnant....

I feel for Danielle. DAMN!
*cues Jazmine Sullivans 'Bust Your Windows out Your car'*

I dont know about Miss Daniels...But me and Matt are

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Twins Love Football Week 2 Picks!!

Yvonne's Game of the Week - New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts
Manning vs. Manning will no doubt be the story line of this game. They always manage to put on a show when they play each other. But this time around, Indianapolis is in an unfamiliar position; last place in the AFC South. Unbelievable huh? A testament to how tough the AFC South is, probably the toughest division in the NFL. Granted it’s only one game, but for a team who has been the division favorite since 2002, this is unchartered territory. Obviously, they want this win. An issue for the Colts will be their ability to stop the run. They were unable to against the Texans, and the Giants will no doubt exploit this apparent weakness.
Still, I’m going with the Colts in a close, high-scoring game.
Colts (31-34)

Yvette's Game of the Week - Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans
When these former AFC Central  division rivals get together, it's always good! They always seems so evenly matched. But in the Jeff Fisher era, the Titans are 12-8 against the Steelers. Did you know that? You probably didn't since the games are always so tight.
Also Vince Young has never faced the Steelers in his career! I didnt know that!
I believe it will be more of the same. A defense-ladened game. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes will win.  I believe the key will be the Quarterback play of Dennis Dixon and Vince Young. Therefore, I give the upper hand to the Titans.
Titans (10-21)

CGTLF = Cute Guys to Look For

Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego Chargers
Yvonne: San Diego Chargers
Yvette:  San Diego Chargers

CGTLF:Shawne Merriman (SD)

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys 
Yvonne:  Dallas Cowboys
Yvette: Dallas Cowboys

CGTLF:Matt Forte (CHI), Kevin Payne(CHI), Marion Barber (DAL), Miles Austin (DAL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers 
Yvonne: Carolina Panthers
Yvette: Carolina Panthers

CGTLF: Steve Smith (CAR), Kellen Winslow (TB)

Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers 
Yvonne:  Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers

CGTLF: James Hardy (BUFF), George Wilson (BUFF), Ryan Grant (GB), Nick Collins (GB), Aaron Rogers (GB)

Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings 
Yvonne:  Minnesota Vikings
Yvette: Minnesota Vikings

CGTLF: Ray Edwards (MN) Adrian Peterson (MIN), Brett Favre(MIN) 

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans 
Yvonne:  Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans

CGTLF: Chris Hope (TEN), Cortland Finnegan (TEN), Troy Polamalu (PIT), Hines Ward (PIT), Antwan Randel-El (PIT) 

St. Louis Rams @ Oakland Raiders 
Yvonne:  Oakland Raiders
Yvette: Oakland Raiders

CGTLF:Nnamdi Asomugha (Oak), Jason Campbelle (Oak)

Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos 
Yvonne:  Denver Broncos
Yvette:  Seattle Seahawks

CGTLF: Julius Jones (SEA), Akin Ayodele (DEN), Champ Bailey (DEN)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cleveland Browns 
Yvonne:  Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Kansas City Chiefs

CGTLF: Thomas Jones (KC)

New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts 
Yvonne:  Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts 
CGTLF: Bob Sanders(IND), Dwight Freeney(IND), Kelvin Hayden (IND) 

New England Patriots @ New York Jets 
Yvonne:  New England Patriots
Yvette: New England Patriots

CGTLF: Mark Sanchez (NYJ), Kellen Clemmons (NYJ), Braylon Edwards (NYJ), Bret Lockett (NE)

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons 
Yvonne:  Atlanta Falcons
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals

CGTLF:  Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Kerry Rhodes (ARI)

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals 
Yvonne:  Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

CGTLF: T.J Houshmandzadeh(BAL), Ray Lewis (BAL), Chad Johnson (CIN) 

Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins 
Yvonne:  Houston Texans
Yvette: Washington Redskins 
CGTLF:  Devin Thomas (WAS), Clinton Portis (WAS), Larry Johnson (WAS)

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: New Orleans Saints

CGTLF: Darren Sharper (NO), Reggie Bush(NO), Pierre Thomas (NO),

Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions 
Yvonne:  Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles

CGTLF: DeShawn Jackson (PHI), Michael Vick (PHI),

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Twins Week 1 Recap

Week 1 Picks Results
Yvonne: 10-6
Yvette: 5-11

Yvette: I can honestly say I was pleasantly suprised and unpleasantly BORED by the games this week! Hence, my picks . YIKES! :) But ,I am definitely excited to see what this season brings.

Yvonne: Yes! I beat you! Week 1 belongs to me!!!! But yes, there were a lot of surprises and disappointments Week 1. This season is definitely setting up to be a great one.

Yvette: Micheal Vick has caused a QB controversy! But who didnt see this coming? First off, he WAS a Pro Bowl QB who took his team to the playoffs. It's not like he's some Tavaris Jackson, waiting for a chance to show his stuff. HE SHOWED HIS STUFF! Y'all musta forgot! LOL! This was bound to happen and if Andy Reid was smart, he would let Vick start until he showed he couldn't do it. Sorry, Kolb. This is going to be good!

Yvonne: Yep, and those Eagles fans are brutal, one more false move by Kolb, and they will be loudly calling for Vick. Too bad for Kolb that one poor showing can seal his fate. But kudos to Michael Vick for making the most of his opportunity, he looked flat-out outstanding.


Yvette:  Has the Titans demise been greatly exaggerated? I surely hope so! The Defense was IMPRESSIVE. The new young additions stepped up and help mimized the loss of Keith Bullock and Kyle Vanden Bosh. Vince Young looked like a changed man. He came back from an early turn over and made good decisions with the ball. And what can you say about Chris Johnson that hasn’t been said? The Titans are ALRIGHT!!!
Poor Oakland Raiders. Poor Jason Campbell. I know I had such hopes that thing would be right for them. SUDDENLY, Al Davis ( more likely someone else) is making good decisions and made great off season aquisitions! But *sigh* The Raiders looked terribly out of sorts. They can't have such sexy Uniforms and look so bad. It's just not right.

Yvonne: Yes, Oakland was disappointing. Jason Campbell was not impressive, and the team looked out of sync on most drives. Darren McFadden was the only bright spot for them.
Every year I expect them to be better, but they just didn’t show up against the Titans. Maybe they were just that over-matched. We’ll see.
Tennessee, on the other hand, just looked confident. The defense looked sharp. Vince Young was dazzling, throwing very pretty passes, and scrambling when necessary. And they way Chris Johnson was running over the Raiders, he just may get that 2500 yards he’s predicting.


Yvette:  The Colts didnt look good. Is this going to be a down year for the Indy? I hesitate to say 'Yes', because they still have Peyton Manning. I kept looking at the score board expecting him to break out his cap and save the day. But it never happen.
Are the Houston Texans really this good? They have been on the brink of every year of almost getting it right. I think their win against the AFC PowerHouse, is a sign, they might have all the pieces to reign in the AFC South. And who is this, Arian Foster?!?! 231 yards with 3 touchdowns!?!?! I shall investigate.....

Yvonne: Indianapolis Colts looked very one-dimensional. The run game was not there. Looks like they will be relying heavily on Peyton’s arm. Not a bad option, but in a division like the AFC South, that may not be enough this year. Texans looked good, and made the normally powerful Indy look rather defenseless.
The AFC South is going to be a dog fight between the Titans and the Texans. I’m taking the Titans!


Yvette: Lions and Bears! Oh My! What a good game! Matt Forte (CGTLF) carved up the fields with the play action pass and yards after the catch. And he's such a cutie pie! And even in a loss, the Lions don't look so unfortunate. NFC North might be interesting...

Yvonne: Still it’s the Lions, so don’t get too excited, Miss Matt Forte Fan Club President…

Yvette: Hater.


Yvette: I think the Cincinnati Bengals
improvement has been exaggerated. Just because they have two BIG MOUTH Attention whores at wide out and we are talking about them, doesn't mean anything changed with the actual team. But will see how it goes.

Yvonne: I totally agree with this assessment! From the beginning I thought this great Bengals team would not be much improved from last year. In fact, I think they will be slightly worse off. Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him anything else) got a few more catches and more yards, so you can best believe it will only be a matter of time before TO starts pouting.


Yvette: The Patriots are still good as usual. Wes Welker is back and better than ever! And true to form, we can count on Randy Moss to act up every other year, cant we! LOL!!!

Yvonne: Off topic a bit, but why is Brady looking more like a super model now that he married one? It’s cute, and yet a little bit disturbing…


Yvette:  Redskins and Cowboys didnt live up to the hype for me. BUT it was good to see my favorite Quarterback look good despite being treated unfairly by the Eagles. I don't think the Redskins will be the best out NFC East, however. Despite the loss I still think the Cowboys will be better. But they have a mess of an Offensive line! NOW we will see if Wade Philips can get things right. Magic 8 ball says "Outlook not so good".. Fact is, he never has been able to make them better. But we shall see.

Yvonne: Okay, I admit it, I did enjoy seeing the Cowboys once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They’ll be good this year, but not great.

Yvette:  You are such a hater! LOL!

Yvette: Well, I'm glad Ray Ray shut Sexy Rexy up! LOL! I love Rex Ryan and his fire. But he talks too much. And Ray Lewis (CGTLF) had to quiet him. The Ravens are still my superbowl pick for now. But they both looked pretty bad. VERY messy game. And I was bored.
Yvonne: I like the Jets, and their new attitude. I was hoping they would do better, but their hunky QB didn’t look so hot. But the Ravens Defensive is better than most, so he should be okay for the rest of the season. Ravens as always are a Defensive team, and it will take them far.

Yvette: So those are our thoughts about Week 1! Tell us what you think!
Yvonne: Look out for our Week 2 Picks!  And I will once again dominate.
Yvette: Hater.


 Everyone is asking, 'Who is Arian Foster?'. Many Tennessee Vols fans know exactly who Arian Foster is. He is the 2nd leading rush in the University's history, behind Travis Henry.

Yvonne: If you remember, he was greatly criticized for his 11 fumbles in his college career, 5 of which were in critical moments.  But there is no denying his skill and talent.

Yvette: Arian rushed for 231 yards in Week 1 against the Colts! He has served notice to the NFL and Fantasy owners that he is out to do some damage! Keep an eye on him!

Yvonne: BRAVO, ARIAN!!

Arian Foster, Running Back, Houston Texas, #23
Height: 6-1
Weight: 229
Born: August 24, 1986 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
College: Tennessee
NFL Draft: 2009 Undrafted

Monday, September 13, 2010


Every year we hear it. Cowboys to the SUPER BOWL! Why? Because on paper, based strictly off depth and talent,  the Dallas Cowboys are superior to almost every team in the NFC.
So what is the problem? 5 reasons.

1. Jerry Jones. I think Jerry Jones is a great business man. The Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in ALL OF SPORTS, by a wide margin. He sees the value of him having a face lift :) , since he's the face of the franchise (which is also a problem).  But I think the fact is he is too involved in player and personnel  decisions. He fails to see big picture. He thinks $$$$$ = 'Win Now'. No matter how much money you throw at it, there are certain elements that makes a team work.  The Cowboys are definitely missing those elements. They need a football man WITH BALLS to come in and make decisions, without his help.

2. Wade Phillips. I'm sorry Cowboy fans, he is part of the problem. When I look on the sidelines at almost every game, besides looking like he has indigestion, he looks bewildered and confused! Why is that?
Could it be, because he IS bewildered and confused? Without knowing what the deal is with his facial expressions, I can tell you he does not have the personnel  or personality to maximize the talent he has on that team. Is his job in  jeapordy? Yes! Duh!

3. Offensive Line. For the last couple of years, they seem to be completely out of sorts! From penalties to obvious missed assignments! Although there was a little improvement Sunday (Romo was sacked  much less), this is still a big problem area. There are too many weapons on offense to have the OLine negate things with dumb-ness.

4. Tony Romo. Tony is probably one of the upper echelon Quarterbacks in the NFL. But something is missing. I don't doubt he has the ability to step up in big games. Last night could have easily have been a win (if it wasnt for reason #4). But still, there is something different about having Tony Romo in when the game is on the line. I'd take Vince Young over Romo. All he does is win.....And fight at strip clubs. LOL!

5. Media. Maybe the fact is, they simply ain't as good as the hype. I mean how many times do we have to hear from the talking heads that the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl until we believe its all smoke and mirrors? Yes, they are Americas Team. Yes, they have the Starship Enterprise for a football stadium. Yes, their uniforms are really cute. Yes, they have celebrities at training camp. Yes, they are on Keep Up with the Kardashians. AND??????
What about them has been soooo different this year than the past years of the Tony Romo era? NOTHING!