Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Twins Week 13 Picks!!!

Yvonne’s Game of the Week: New York Jets @ New England

This matchup feels like a playoff game! Could it be, because both teams are at 9-2, and the winner of this duel takes sole possession of the AFC East? Could be. Probably. Definitely.

The Jets have been playing winning football, but have also been lucky on more than one occasion (a couple of missed field goals could easily have had them at 7-4). Patriots look like a total different team from the one that loss to the Jets in Week 2. The defense is still a bit porous, but the offense seems to be thriving without Moss, and Brady has found his stride. I give the offensive edge to the Pats, and the defensive edge to the Jets. And because they will be on their home turf, I’m choosing the Patriots, 20-27.

Yvette’s Game of the Week: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
D-FENSE! D-FENSE! Whoever has the best defense wins the AFC North. Bottom line. This is always a great, physical battle so I anticipate a low scoring affair.

In the first meeting Baltimore came out on top. Will the outcome be different this time? Well it depends.

The Ravens aren’t really big time scorers with Joe Flacco at the helm. BUUUT, Big Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t been lights out either, although I would say Pittsburgh has the better QB.

The Ravens are dealing with some injuries that could hamper them. Safety, Dawan Landry being hurt could turn out to be a key to this game. But Big Ben is hobbled a bit with a sprained ankle. Everyone’s hurting this time of the year.

Man! So who’s gonna win?!?!

I think the edge goes to the Ravens and their running game featuring Ray Rice, who was injured when the teams faced in Week 4. If Flacco can take care of the ball against the hard hitting James Harrison and that tough Steelers D, I will give the win to Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore Raves: 21-17


Houston Texans @ Philadelphia Eagles
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants
Yvonne: New York Giants
Yvette: New York Giants

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
Yvonne: Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Kansas City Chiefs

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans
Yvonne: Tennessee Titans
Yvette: Tennessee Titans

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers
Yvonne: Green Bay Packers
Yvette: Green Bay Packers

Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins
Yvonne: Cleveland Browns
Yvette: Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings
Yvonne: Minnesota Vikings
Yvette: Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions
Yvonne: Chicago Bears
Yvette: Chicago Bears

New Orleans Saints @ Cincinnati Bengals
Yvonne: New Orleans Saints
Yvette: New Orleans Saints

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers
Yvonne: Oakland Raiders
Yvette: San Diego Chargers

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks
Yvonne: Carolina Panthers
Yvette: Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvonne: Atlanta Falcons
Yvette: Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals
Yvonne: St. Louis Rams
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys @ Indianapolis Colts
Yvonne: Indianapolis Colts
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

New York Jets @ New England Patriots
Yvonne: New York Jets
Yvette: New England Patriots

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