Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Twins Week 15 Picks!!!

Yvonne's Game of the Week: Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
Okay, it’s time for me to face reality.  The Titans are bad...real bad.  Without VY at the helm, they are a simple shell of their former selves. 

Still, as a tried-and-true Titans fan, I can't help but get excited about this match up.  This is a great division rivalry! 2 teams, both with 5-8 records, whose only slightest, tiniest glimmer of hope for chance at a playoff spot depend upon defeating on another.  And on top of that, these two organizations have a real, visceral hatred for each other.

And let us not forget about the November 26th Slug-fest between Courtland Finnegan and Andre Johnson.  Should be good one.
Will  Finnegan be on his best behavior?  Will the Texans sweep their division rival?  Will the Titans try to avenge themselves from their sorry showing on Week 12?  Will  the Titans give a best, last-ditch effort?  Or has the team quit on Jeff Fisher?
Well, I haven't quit, I'm ready and rooting!   TEN-AH-SEE! (clap, clap) TI-TANs (clap, clap)!

The question is, will the Titans be ready?  Do they even have the personnel to compete?
All signs point to no.  But they’ll try.  Texans in a close one.  Houston Texans 21 - 17

Yvette's Game of the Week - Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants
This is going to be good! At least I hope so.... the big, highly anticipated games have been a DUD lately.
But both teams, at 9-4 are looking to win the NFC East. They SHOULD get up for this game and this SHOULD be very entertaining.

Mike Vick had his hands full against the Cowboys last week, being roughed up pretty good. The Eagles aren't doing a great job protecting him. So this seems to a huge advantage for the Giants. With Justin Tuck and the pass rushing prowess of the Giants Defense, Vick is in for another rough one.

But Vick's ability to get the ball to his great receivers, lead by the speed of young DeSean Jackson, has been a killer all season long. Now add LeSean McCoy and the running game, it is the Giants whose hands will be full.

The Giants have a some big power backs themselves that the Eagles are going to have to also stop;
Big Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. This 1-2 punch has been a force for teams to reckon with.
With the loss of Steve Smith for the rest of the season, Eli Manning will have to depend on the other recievers to get the run game off the ground. Because if you stop their run game, you kill the Giants.
The edge for me goes to the Philadelphia Eagles. Just too talented, too much fire power, for the Giants to handle. Philadelphia Eagles 31 - 19

San Francisco 49ers @ San Diego Chargers
Yvonne: San Diego Chargers
Yvette: San Diego Chargers

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals
Yvonne: Cleveland Browns
Yvette: Cleveland Browns

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
Yvonne: Dallas Cowboys
Yvette: Dallas Cowboys

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
Yvonne: Houston Texans
Yvette: Houston Texans

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis Colts 
Yvonne: Jacksonville
Yvette: Indianapolis Colts 

Kansas City Chiefs @ St. Louis Rams
Yvonne: Kansas City Chiefs
Yvette: Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins
Yvonne: Miami Dolphins
Yvette: Miami Dolphins

Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvonne: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yvette: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers 
Yvonne: Carolina Panthers 
Yvette: Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans Saints @ Baltimore Ravens
Yvonne: Baltimore Ravens
Yvette: Baltimore Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants
Yvonne: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvette: Philadelphia Eagles

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks
Yvonne: Atlanta Falcons
Yvette: Atlanta Falcons

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh  Steelers 
Yvonne: Pittsburgh  Steelers 
Yvette: Pittsburgh  Steelers 

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders
Yvonne: Oakland Raiders
Yvette: Oakland Raiders

Green Bay  Packers @ New England Patriots
Yvonne: New England Patriots
Yvette: New England Patriots

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings
Yvonne: Minnesota Vikings
Yvette: Chicago Bears

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